Recipes with tea

Black tea, herbal and fruit teas taste delicious freshly brewed in your cup. You can refine this pleasure with a few simple steps.

Swing the wooden spoon and try out your culinary skills with your favorite varieties. Here you will find a variety of delicious recipes, from hearty meals to sweet desserts, in which our secret ingredient flows: Tea!

Fruit tea and more for winter creations

When the days get shorter, it’s time for warming cooking creations. Our teas support your seasonal cooking perfectly. A warm soup with black tea, a vegetable pan with herbal tea or a warm dessert with our fruit tea blends.

Cooking with tea is wonderfully versatile and gives your dishes the right pep. Make yourself comfortable with a cozy blanket, listen to the gentle tapping of the rain and from the inside up – with tea in the cup and on the plate.

Tea cooked – cooked with tea

Just as there are all sorts of ways to brew your tea, there are all sorts of ways to cook with your tea. Add a pinch of herbal tea or the tart nuances of an exquisite black tea to your next lunch. In search of inspiration for your cooking plan, we have put together a delicious set of recipes with tea that will delight you. The dishes and desserts are perfect for any occasion. Discover your new favorite recipe, develop it further and become a tea chef of a special kind.

Black tea or our other varieties works in different ways. Probably the best known is the variation in which fine matcha powder is added directly to the batter to provide a lovely green tea note (and a cheeky green color). Beyond that, there are many other variations on using tea in delicious meals. For example, freshly brewed black tea can replace the liquid you need. Put it in the pan instead of broth, or in combination with it, and cook your risotto rice in it. Or brew an aromatic herbal tea directly in milk so that the flavor unfolds fresh in the cooking pot. Likewise, a fruit tea feels fantastically at home when it is allowed to join the baking ingredients directly. A tea cake is just perfect for a birthday. Your tea is always ready for baking and cooking – experiment to your heart’s content and always try out new taste experiences. At TEEKANNE, we offer you a great variety of teas that are ideal for unusual preparation methods.