The Parent Company R.Seelig & Hille is Founded in Dresden.


The Word and Image "TEEKANNE" are Protected by Law.

The TEEKANNE brand, today one of the oldest German trademarks, has the registration number 6541.


Blended Tea is Packed and Sold in Cans for the First Time.

Rudolf Anders and Eugen Nisslé, two dedicated employees of the company, introduce a groundbreaking innovation for the tea market:

They sell blended tea packed in cans for the first time. The art of tea blending, the ability to produce the same exquisite quality over and over again despite different tea harvests, became the basis of the company, which soon achieved international recognition.


Rudolf Anders and Eugen Nisslé take over the company and TEEKANNE has been owned by the two families ever since.


Registration of the Trademark "TeeFix".

"Teefix" is the best-known tea brand even today and is one of the most popular teas in it's country of origin Germany.


During World War I, TEEKANNE supplied soldiers and civilians with delicious, slightly sweetened tea portions in gauze bags. The so-called "tea bombs" were the precursors of the tea bag and were initially made by hand.


Invention of the Tea Bag Packing Machine.

The Pompadour machine developed by Rudolf Rambold is ready for production and is marketed worldwide with great success. It can automatically produce 35 gauze tea bags in just one minute.


Takeover of the Company Management by the 2nd Generation: Johannes Nisslé and Rolf Anders.


Introduction of a New Generation of Tea Bags.

The "TeeFix" brand conquers the world markets. The new Reliance tea bag machine from TEEKANNE can produce 80 tea bags per minute. They are initially made of perforated cellophane and later of parchment paper.


TEEKANNE Suffers Heavy Damage.

Dresden is largely destroyed by bombing on February 13, 1945, three months before the end of the war, and TEEKANNE also suffers heavy damage.


The Reconstruction of TEEKANNE Begins in Viersen on the Lower Rhine under Modest Conditions.


Foundation of Teepack Spezialmaschinen GmbH

No matter where in the world tea is filled into bags and packaged, a TEEPACK machine is used in the vast majority of cases. We have supplied more than 3,000 packaging machines for dual-chamber tea bags since the company was founded. Many of them are still running because they are of the highest quality.


Revolution on the Tea Market.

The dual-chamber bag, an invention of TEEKANNE, is patented. It revolutionizes the international tea market. In the dual-chamber bag, the tea is filled in two chambers meaning that it is optimally immersed in the water. This allows the tea to develop its full aroma.


CONSTANTA Tea Bag Machine.

The inventor Adolf Rambold, co-owner of Teepack, presents CONSTANTA, his fully automatic tea bag packing machine, at the end of 1949. This fully automatic packing machine can produce up to 160 tea bags per minute.


Foundation of TEEKANNE GmbH in Salzburg

The first foreign subsidiary of TEEKANNE is founded in Austria.


Relocation to a Brand New Factory and Office Building in Düsseldorf.


TEEKANNE is the First Company to Pack Herbal and Fruit Teas.

TEEKANNE is the first tea trading company to pack tea bags on a large scale. These products are also blends, so that a consistently high quality can be guaranteed.


Foundation of Pompadour Tè srl GmbH in Bozen, Italy.


The World's Biggest Tea Bag Packing Line was Officially Opened in 1967.


The Third Generation of the Owner Families Joins the Management.


Acquisition of an Interest in Pompadour Ibérica S.A., Spain.


The "Perfecta" Tea Bag Machine comes on the Market.

The "Perfecta" is a further development of the "Constanta" and produces up to 400 dual-chamber bags per minute.


Conclusion of a Cooperation Agreement.

Conclusion of a cooperation agreement between VEB Kaffee und Tee, Radebeul near Dresden, and TEEKANNE


Foundation of TEEKANNE Polska, Cracow.


New Production Facility in Alicante.

TEEKANNE builds a new production facility in Alicante, Spain, together with Pompadour Ibérica S.A. It is the most modern tea factory in the world at the time.


Foundation of TEEKANNE Ceska, Prague, Czech Republic.


Acquisition of Redco Foods Inc.

Redco Foods is the third largest company on the American tea market.


The Dual-Chamber Bag Developed In-House by TEEKANNE Celebrates its 50th Birthday.


German tennis legend Stefanie Graf becomes Teekanne’s worldwide testimonial.


Teekanne Celebrates its 125th Anniversary.


The First Tea for Cold Infusion.

Expansion of the TEEKANNE range in the summer of 2012 with the first fruit teas for cold infusion: TEEKANNE Cool Sensations is introduced.


Launch of Easy Tea, our First Tea Capsules for the Nespresso®* Machine.


Launch of TEEKANNE Foursenses: Premium Tea in a Pyramid Tea Bag.


Ground-Breaking Ceremony of New Raw Material Warehouse.

The new building project will optimise the processing procedures from raw material receipt to delivery and ensure the product quality of the Teekanne brand in the long term. The goal of the large-scale construction project, which is scheduled for completion at the end of 2023, is to build the most modern tea processing plant in Europe, which will complement the equally state-of-the-art bottling plant from 2014.