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We meet our responsibility in the tea-growing regions of the world through various measures. The TEEKANNE Cherideo Purbat Play School is particularly close to our hearts.

TEEKANNE Cherideo Purbat Play School

Impressions of the Ceremony of the Foundation Stone

The TEEKANNE Cherideo Purbat Play School

TEEKANNE CEO Frank Schübel and Christian Bergmann, Head of Purchasing and Logistics, together with our long-standing partner Ambootia, laid the foundation stone for the construction of a pre-school in Assam, India In 2018.

Our main goal is to lay the foundations for the good and safe education of children aged 1.5 to 4 years as early as possible. Since most local schools do not accept children until the age of 4, we also relieve the pressure on mothers who work on the tea plantations. The TEEKANNE Cherideo Purbat Play School will be run according to the Montessori principle of education and will offer space for up to 50 children.

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