All about TEEKANNE

Our Commitment to Quality

Tea Plant and other Raw Materials

TEEKANNE works predominantly in controlled cultivation, in order to ensure the quality of important raw materials.

Local Selection

The value chain is controlled by TEEKANNE cultivation experts in the country of origin. The starting point is the selection of the optimum growing areas. Many factors, such as climate and environment, soil conditions, hours of sunshine and clean water, play a crucial role here.

Holistic Cultivation Concept

Lastly, TEEKANNE cultivation experts offer the selected growers advice and support in planning their fields, selecting the perfect seed and optimum processing of the products. Subsequent cultivation and harvesting are regularly checked by TEEKANNE employees on site. This is based on a holistic cultivation concept that takes into account people, nature and the environment.

Advice from TEEKANNE

The TEEKANNE cultivation experts are on hand to advise the producers on site. A relationship based on trust has developed after years of cooperation with our producers and suppliers. Together with the constant controls, it forms an important pillar of quality assurance.

Checking Compliance with the Strict Standards

The further processing of the harvest is regulated by the specifications and processes of the TEEKANNE quality standards. TEEKANNE regularly monitors compliance with strict environmental and hygiene standards. In addition, all our suppliers have committed themselves to a Code of Conduct (Standards and Practices Policy) that sets social standards.


We also attach great importance to sustainability in the procurement of raw materials. In this respect, we work together with the environmental protection organization Rainforest Alliance, amongst others. We also focus on the procurement of fair-trade and organic certified raw materials.

Quadruple Quality Control

Each raw material undergoes four quality controls: before purchase, upon receipt, after blending and after production. The quality assurance process therefore determines whether a sample meets the high TEEKANNE requirements and can be used for our products.

TEEKANNE Laboratory for Quality Control

Guaranteed Quality

Quality assurance and product development is a separate department at TEEKANNE with 29 employees.

TEEKANNE Laboratory

TEEKANNE also has its own laboratory for quality control. 12 employees carry out more than 20,000 analyses per year. The laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment which is used to test a far higher number of parameters than required by law.

Sensory Tests

In addition to the laboratory tests, all raw materials undergo sensory tests, i.e. the appearance, smell and taste of each product are checked. The in-house tea tasters and their colleagues in Düsseldorf check the samples and supplied raw materials throughout the production chain. This guarantees the sensory quality of a product before it enters the market.

Packaging Quality

Even the packaging of the TEEKANNE products is subject to the highest quality requirements. Only virgin fiber cartons that meet our sensory and laboratory requirements are used for all packages with direct product contact. The purchasing of all raw materials and packaging materials is provided in-house, in order to guarantee the quality of the TEEKANNE products.

Product Development

Many new products are created in our product development department every year. However, more than 500 different samples are blended and tasted until this stage is reached. This is because many factors come into play to create a new TEEKANNE product: The raw materials must be of perfect quality and available in sufficient quantities. And of course, it all comes down to pure enjoyment in the end.

“Every TEEKANNE product has a unique, incomparable taste. A taste that can be recognized again and again. We have a team of trained tasters to make sure it stays that way.”

Jörg Sakulowski
Tea Taster


Thanks to their trained sense of taste, the experts create high-quality TEAKANNE blends that always taste the same. Our experts taste hundreds of samples of raw materials before the final blends are ready.

Tea is a natural product. Every harvest has its own taste.

The unique, incomparable taste

The unique, incomparable taste Every TEEKANNE product has a unique, incomparable taste. A taste that can be recognized again and again.

Preparation and Logistics

Production & Logistics

All TEEKANNE products are processed in specially developed TEEPACK machines and then temporarily stored in the state-of-the-art high-bay warehouse until they are shipped.

Our Own Creations

TEEKANNE worked predominantly in controlled cultivation, in order to ensure the quality of important raw materials.