Organic Raw Materials Procurement

At TEEKANNE, we firmly believe that we can only fulfill our responsibility for future generations if we exert as much influence as possible on the sustainable cultivation of the raw materials used for our products.

We attach great importance to increasing the procurement of certified organic raw materials on a continuous basis. In this way, we help to further develop organic farming and to protect our environment in a sustainable manner. This means that we can also support tea drinkers who wish to maintain a healthy, natural diet free of synthetic crop protection agents and artificial additives – an important trend which is very much on the increase. As a company, we aim to respond to this trend and make an active contribution to the protection of our eco systems at the same time.

What does Organic actually mean and why is Organic so important to TEEKANNE?

The EU Bio Logo identifies food that comes from certified organic agriculture. Organic farming focuses primarily on sustainability, conserves natural resources and has a positive impact on our environment. It also makes a significant contribution to the preservation of the cultural landscape. All our TEEKANNE Organic products are marked with the following logos:

The main idea of organic farming is to work in harmony with nature.

Organic farming pursues the following goals:

  • Developing a closed nutrient cycle on the farm. The farm should establish its own feed and nutrient basis for this purpose.
  • Maintaining the soil fertility and improving it in the long term.
  • Preventing the pollution of our environment by prohibiting chemical agents such as pesticides and herbicides.

The following measures are in the foreground:

No use of genetic engineering

No use of easily soluble, mineral fertilizers

No plant protection with chemical-synthetic agents

Use of low-susceptible varieties in suitable crop rotations, use of beneficial insects, mechanical weed control measures such as hoeing.

Varied, wide crop rotations with many intercrops

No use of chemical-synthetic growth regulators or hormones

Maintain soil fertility
through pronounced humus

Application of organically-bound nitrogen

Mainly in the form of manure or manure compost, green manuring by nitrogen-collecting plants and use of slow-acting natural fertilizers.

Limited livestock, strictly tied to the area

Strong restriction in the use of additives within the finished product; the permitted additives are listed

No irradiation of food in organic food production.

An attractive organic tea assortment especially for our young target group has been available since the launch of the TEEKANNE ORGANICS line.

We care about the environment. That’s why we will continue to do everything in our power in the future to bring more products in organic quality onto the market, in order to protect nature sustainably.

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