Sustainable Packaging

For us, sustainability does not stop at tea but continues with our packaging. This therefore represents an essential area of action in our sustainability initiatives. We give the highest priority to packaging optimization and reduction. For example, the folding cartons in which our tea is sold are made of 100 % FSC®-certified cardboard and thus come from sustainable forestry.

We attach Great Importance to the Following:


A major focus of our efforts is the disposal of our packaging. We consider the increasing "littering" of our environment to be an existential problem that entails considerable risks for the entire biosphere.

Webshop Packaging

Our webshop shipments do not need any plastic bubble wrap. We only use recycled, compressed paper for filling the spaces.

FSC® Certification

We obtain all our paper-based and product-related packaging components exclusively from FSC®-certified sources. The FSC® Label ensures that the forests of our Earth are used in a more environmentally friendly, socially acceptable and economically viable way. The use of FSC®-certified materials helps to counteract overexploitation and deforestation.

Dispensing with Plastic Wrap

Another important measure for us is to discontinue the use of plastic wrap for our products in the retail market. A few products were additionally wrapped with cellophane, in order to guarantee our high quality requirements and aroma protection. After extensive testing without the use of plastic wrap, no loss of flavor or aroma could be detected within the recommended consumption period. We are delighted that it is now possible for us to discontinue the use of plastic wrap for these products as well.

Recycling Loop

In product development, we attach great importance to designing all paper packaging, so that it can be disposed of as waste paper and recycled as far as possible. In general, we strive to achieve the highest possible recycling rate for all our products. We use recycled paper wherever we can, in order to use as little virgin fiber as possible and to counteract deforestation. If the use of plastic cannot be avoided, e.g in the food sector, we take great care to ensure that these plastic materials can be recycled easily with a minimum of mechanical input. For us, however, sustainability does not end with our products but continues in all our business areas. For example, we use paper bags instead of plastic bags inhouse whenever possible and we are constantly examining new ways to reduce the use of virgin wood fiber.

Minimum Use of Plastic

We try to avoid using plastic wherever possible. As an important step in this direction, we have also decided to dispense with aluminized film for the few products without paper wrapping and to switch to paper wrapping. We can now guarantee our high quality standards by using a new paper-based wrapping material. Although the changeover to paper wrapping is not yet possible for all products, it is possible for the vast majority of them.

At TEEKANNE, we are working flat out in many different areas to make our packaging even more sustainable and environmentally friendly. In doing so, we wish to live up to our responsibility and leave a healthy environment behind – for this generation and future generations.

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