TEEKANNE Professional

TEEKANNE Creates the Tea.
For Your Customers, Guests and Employees.

Tea satisfies every desire. With the right cup of tea you start the day full of energy and achieve your concentration and production goals. With the right cup of tea you recover, relax and refocus on the essentials. With the right cup of tea, you win over customers, guests and employees.

TEEKANNE promises the right cup of tea; with quality and pleasure. Something you can rely on. And always could. All those who enjoy a cup of TEEKANNE tea know this, too. If you offer your customers, guests and employees a good selection of teas, then you will also convey and stand for values, quality and innovation. And for the appreciation of people, traditions, nature and the environment.

We offer you the perfect solution for your needs; enriching tea moments with the right cup of tea for gastronomy & office.

For further information on the TEEKANNE Professional Assortment, we would like to invite you to visit either the Austrian or the German corresponding webpages with the links below.