TEEKANNE Sustainability

Expect more.

As a fourth-generation family-owned company, we’ve always had a holistic understanding of sustainability. Since 1882, we have been shouldering responsibility from the very start, taking care of all our family which includes our tea producers, employees, and our consumers. With our products we provide our consumers healthy indulgence and, in the process, make an important contribution toward healthy eating in our society. We just want our tea to make people feel good. We want it to be good for the people who enjoy it without having a negative impact on our environment, so that each sip will make us feel good in every way. This is what we work towards tirelessly, growing better every day, sip by sip.

Responsibility at the Origin

The Rainforest Alliance

We have a close partnership with the Rainforest Alliance already since 2012.

Projects at the Origin


Organic Raw Materials Procurement

Responsibility at the Origin

Our Supply Chain

We purchase about 300 raw materials from over 150 suppliers from 50 countries. With approximately 80% of our suppliers we have a long lasting partnership.

Sustainable Company

Sustainable Packaging

TEEKANNE takes responsibility right from the start – not only for our raw materials, but also for our packaging.

Social Commitment

Climate Neutrality at TEEKANNE

All TEEKANNE production locations are environmentally friendly since 2020.

Small Seeds – Great Effect

Feeling good tastes good.

Naturally Organic

We have been offering an extensive organic product range for years and are continuously increasing the purchase of organic certified raw materials.

Sustainable Lifestyle

Movement, relaxation and mindfulness – it's all about the blend.

“You don’t feel the problems on your doorstep, but you see them in other countries. We all bear global responsibility for our nature!”

Frank Schübel