Climate Neutrality at TEEKANNE

Protecting the climate plays an important role for Teekanne. We attach great importance to making our corporate processes as efficient as possible and reducing emissions. Our goal is to keep the ecological footprint created by our business activities as small as possible.

Climate Neutrality at TEEKANNE

We operate our production sites in Düsseldorf, Salzburg, Krakow, Radebeul and Eggstätt in a climate-neutral manner. This means that our activities do not increase the amount of climate-damaging greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. In this context, it is important to transparently present the limits of our actions.

Climate-neutral production sites* means that 100% of our electricity, and thus around 50% of all the energy we purchase, comes from renewable sources; we offset the remaining emissions through certificates from recognized environmental protection projects. In addition, we currently determine emissions that are not under our direct influence.

*We thus refer to direct and indirect CO2 emissions at our production sites that fall under our influence according to Scope 1 & 2 of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG). Emissions not under our influence are assigned to Scope 3 according to the GHG; we are striving for further improvements here.

The 3 Scopes according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol

We measure our emissions based on the internationally recognized standard of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol

  • Scope 1 includes all emissions caused directly by our company. These are, for example, emissions from our vehicle fleet and the combustion of gas in power plants and gas boilers.
  • Scope 2 covers all indirectly caused emissions. These are, for example, emissions caused by electricity generation at electricity suppliers.
  • Scope 3 covers all upstream & downstream emissions of our company or the product. These are e.g. logistics processes, business trips, waste disposal and much more.


Greenhouse Gas Protocol: Enlarge graphic

Step 1:
Act energy efficient

We introduced a certified energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001 at our headquarters in Düsseldorf back in 2014 and have been continuously improving our energy performance ever since.

Step 2:
Self-generation of energy

We generate a part of our required energy ourselves. On the one hand, we use regenerative energy from photovoltaic systems, and on the other hand, we operate an optimally utilized gas-fired combined heat and power plant.

Step 3:
Sourcing green electricity

Since 2020, we have been sourcing electricity exclusively from 100% renewable sources at all production sites of the TEEKANNE Group.

Step 4:
Offset emissions through CO2 compensation

In order to avoid burdens on our climate as far as possible, we have been offsetting emissions caused by our vehicle fleet, the combustion of gas and heating oil, and the use of refrigerants through CO2 compensation since 2020. In doing so, we rely on recognized environmental protection projects of our partner firstclimate. The offsetting of CO2 emissions is based on the principle of global climate balance: unavoidable emissions that occur in one place on earth can be offset by additional climate protection measures in another place. This offsetting follows a strictly regulated procedure that has been established for years, was created under the umbrella of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and is now recognized worldwide.

Shipping Packages

We also focus on environmentally friendly shipping webshop orders via the ThinkGreenService delivery option offered by GLS. The emissions generated during the transport of the packages are offset by comprehensive climate protection projects. We primarily support reforestation companies in Austria and Germany in this respect.


We have deployed a number e-vehicles in our vehicle pool for several years now. Here too, the batteries are charged with green electricity.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric vehicle charging stations are available free of charge in the employee parking lot. This is intended to help employees change over to e-mobility.

Green Electricity

Apart from Salzburg and Düsseldorf, all our other locations in Germany, Italy and Poland use green electricity. This enables us to significantly reduce the emissions generated at the locations.

Our TEEKANNE environmental and energy policy:

Wir betrachten es als unsere unternehmerische Pflicht, Verantwortung für unsere Umwelt zu übernehmen und arbeiten daran, unsere Geschäftstätigkeit umweltschonend und energieeffizient zu gestalten. Diesen Gedanken haben wir in unserer Umwelt- und Energiepolitik festgehalten.


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