Tea Biscuits – Your Companion for Every Tea Pleasure

Tea cookies are a classic when you sit comfortably on the couch in the afternoon and enjoy your favorite tea. With the right pastry to go with your tea, you’ll experience a relaxing moment full of indulgence. Whether shortbread cookies, scones, pastries with strong spices, such as anise and cloves, or with fruity toppings, such as jam: The variety of tea pastries is huge. There is a suitable flavor for every tea, which can take your drinking experience to unimagined heights. Make yourself comfortable at home, enjoy the warmth under your blanket and dream away with a winter tea and crispy cookies.

Matching Pastries with Tea

Finding the right cookies to go with your tea naturally depends entirely on your preferences and tastes. Each tea seduces your senses in a different way and can be enhanced by matching tea cookies. Try, for example, to the classic black tea discreet cookies that mix on your tongue with the tea flavor. Shortbread fingers, which consist of a crispy shortbread, are particularly suitable. Cookies that have a light cinnamon flavor, are refined with honey or can be ideally combined with the scent of your favorite TEEKANNE black tea due to their strong spicy aroma also go well with this tea.

Tea cookies for TEEKANNE fruit tea can be found in fruity cookies or fine shortcrust pastry. The delicate acidity of the tea gives you plenty of scope for culinary experimentation. Try cookies with tea that have a fine layer of jam, a fruity aroma or are made from fresh fruit. Small cakes with citrus fruits also round off the taste of your favorite fruit tea. Cookies also go perfectly with TEEKANNE green tea. So that you can enjoy the aroma of the tea with all your senses, you should try lightly spiced cookies. This underlines the taste and intensifies it at the same time.

How about a delicious TEEKANNE herbal tea with your cookies? You can combine the more unusual combination of herbs and cookies with nutty ingredients. Tea cookies with strong spices, like anise, taste great with fennel. Try it out and find your tea cookies that taste best to you.

Tea and Cookies: a Perfect Combination

With tea and cookies, you’re doing everything right at your afternoon tea time. Whether fruity cookies or fine pastries with tea: follow your taste and eat what you like. This is how you turn wintertime into a delicious journey with tea and cookies. At TEEKANNE you will find your favorite to accompany you through the cold months.

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