Sustainable Teekanne Packages

The scent of freshly brewed tea – who doesn’t love it? But how does my TEEKANNE rooibos tea get from the online store to my doorstep?
Isn’t that bad for the environment? No, because TEEKANNE, as an innovative family business, has been striving for many years to become a little better every day and thereby create a healthy environment for this and the next generations.

TEEKANNE achieves this through a variety of measures directly at the site, such as the exclusive purchase of green electricity or the use of E-Ups for business trips in the surrounding area, as well as through cooperation with important partners within the value chain. This also applies to the climate-friendly design of our parcel shipping.

TEEKANNE Relies on DHL GoGreen Initiative

TEEKANNE has found the ideal partner for this: All items ordered from the webshop are shipped in cooperation with DHL GoGreen. The emissions generated during the transport of the parcels are determined and offset through comprehensive climate protection projects. In these projects, particular emphasis is placed on a diverse mix in terms of geographical location but also the type of measure. The reforestation of the Amazon rainforest by the Amazon Rainforest Foundation, the use of green fuels such as biodiesel or vegetable oil, or the conversion of the DHL fleet to low-emission or zero-emission vehicles are just some of the projects supported.

Thinking About Tomorrow Together!

TEEKANNE makes the promise to process only the highest quality products and to take responsibility for the entire value chain. This constantly spurs us on to explore creative avenues and develop new ideas. Together with DHL, who have a goal to reduce all logistics-related emissions to zero by 2050, we are working hand in hand to leave an intact environment for future generations and to consolidate a pioneering role that drives other companies to choose more sustainable logistics and distribution methods.

PS: Have you noticed a change in the packaging of your webshop packages? From now on, you will receive your orders without plastic padding in the packaging. Only recycled, compressed paper is used for filling, which can be returned to the recycling loop in the waste paper.