Special Advent Calendars with TEEKANNE

Give a special Advent calendar for very special moments of enjoyment during the Christmas season. Inspired by our TEEKANNE advent calendar, create a unique tea dispenser according to your own imagination, fill it with your friends’ or family’s favorite teas and even add a new variety or two – you might even find a new favorite tea hidden in our extensive assortment!

Tea Advent Calendar

Surprise your favorite people with a homemade tea advent calendar and give them an extra dose of enjoyment for the holiday season. Our teas are the versatile companions for the first moment of pleasure in the morning, when outside the frost still lies on the cars and the grass, and also for cold winter evenings, when the flickering lights of the lamps and candles are reflected warmly in the teacup. Our TEEKANNE classics like fruit tea and herbal tea accompany your loved ones throughout the day. Our organic teas also look great in the Advent calendar arrangement of teas – there are no limits to your creativity.

You would like to complement the Advent calendar with accessories in addition to the teas? How about a new teapot, the corresponding tea mug or tea glasses? Or give away a tea strainer for the lovers of loose teas.

Tea Varieties at Will for the Advent Calendar.

Choose the tea varieties according to the taste of your favorite person or surprise him with your favorite teas. We offer you with our tea varieties for every taste the right teas. If your favorite person rather drinks fruit tea, herbal tea or black tea, you will find different tea varieties on our product pages, according to his taste. With the feel-good or country tea collection, we offer you selected and tempting taste experiences, which you can give away as tea gifts, for example, in an Advent calendar house to build yourself or individually packaged in napkins with sweet Christmas motifs, attached to a wintery decorated branch.

Or how about a mobile to which you can attach the tea bags wrapped in sandwich paper? You can create additional decorations in the form of wintry motifs that you cut out of paper or felt and stick on, as well as adding individual lettering in different colors. In this way, you can conjure up a loving Advent calendar in no time at all, with tea gifts that hold a new surprise for every day until Christmas.

Give away moments of pleasure and Christmas tea experiences to very special favorite people with TEEKANNE.