Preparation of Tea: Typical Mistakes

Different temperatures, brewing time, choosing the right accessories, water quality and more can have a significant impact on the taste of your tea. Here, we’ll introduce you to how to avoid the most common mistakes made when brewing tea.

Prepare Tea Properly with the Right Teapot

To prepare a tea properly, you need to choose the right teapot. Whether the large two-liter model or the fine pot made of glass or clay, every tea needs the ideal environment to properly develop its flavor. Loose tea leaves that can steep several times, for example, are much better suited for smaller pots.

Preparation of Tea with Soft Water

The quality of the water is also crucial for the quality of tea preparation. If you have rather hard tap water at home with a lot of lime, an oily film will quickly form on the surface of the tea. But hard tap water is no problem for the TEALOUNGE system – the integrated water filter ensures that your herbal tea, black tea or fruit tea always stays clean. For preparation in the teapot or tea glass, we recommend that you decalcify the water in an appropriate system.

Optimal Water Temperature for the Preparation of Tea

Many people simply pour boiling water over any tea – but when preparing tea, the water temperature is also important. Oolong and black tea tolerate higher temperatures than white tea or green tea. The latter, for example, should only be brewed at 90-100 °C. Our TEALOUNGE system recognizes the different teas and therefore always selects the optimal temperature.

Prepare Tea Correctly with the Right Brewing Time

If you want to prepare your tea properly, you should pay attention to the brewing time. This varies from one minute for oolong, green and white tea to more than five minutes for a fruit tea. The infusion time is just as different as the different flavors that you can elicit from the teas.

Correctly Stored Tea

A good tea has two special enemies – light and air. We therefore recommend storing tea in an airtight container and in a dark place. This preserves the essential oils and the tea retains its distinctive flavor.

Now you are optimally prepared for the next tea pleasure – whether with the classic preparation in the pot.

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