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How to Strengthen Your Immune System

Regardless of the current situation, it makes sense to strengthen your immune system all year round. We have 5 tips for you, how you can support your body in the cold season targeted and natural.

Healthy Food

Vitamins and nutrients ensure that our immune system runs like clockwork. Regional and organic specialties are not only good for our bodies, it’s also fun to stroll through the market and try seasonal delicacies. And it doesn’t have to be so-called “superfoods” from far away. Broccoli, cabbage, peppers, carrots, tomatoes, spinach, garlic, nuts, berries and grapes support the immune system and also grow here.

Drink Enough

People who drink too little are tired, exhausted and also more susceptible to infections. Too little fluid dries out the mucous membranes and attacking bacteria and viruses can no longer be sufficiently removed. The fine herbal tea combinations from TEEKANNE are a useful addition towards drinking the recommended amount of fluid per day.

Moderate Motion

Endurance sports don’t just perk you up – running, swimming and cycling strengthen the heart, blood vessels and immune system. It’s important to take moderate exercise and not overexert yourself. Here you can find out how to stay fit and healthy through the winter with exercise, relaxation and mindfulness.

Avoid Stress and Learn Relaxation

Stress weakens our immune system by leading to the release of hormones that put our body in an “emergency” situation. In this way, we open the door for infections, so to speak. It is therefore important to recognize stressful situations in everyday life and to counteract them with targeted relaxation techniques.

Therefore, treat yourself to a conscious time-out more often. Forget your to-do list, the laundry, the kitchen that still needs to be cleaned. Take a mini-break from work by spending your lunch break in the sun. Practice yoga, learn meditation or sit comfortably on the couch at home with a cup of tea and read a chapter of the new book.

Wash Hands Several Times A Day

This not only sounds simple, but it is. If you want to avoid colds and not put additional strain on a weak immune system, you should wash your hands several times a day. Cold viruses lurk everywhere and thorough hand washing can prevent them from entering the organism.

With these little tricks, which are particularly good for the body, you can support your immune system in a targeted manner. It is practical that there is a herb for many things – as the saying goes. Our teas accompany you tastily through the whole year. The best thing is to stock up your supply right away. Now you just have to decide on your favorite varieties.

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