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Green Living Ideas

It’s so green… Plants are the most beautiful decoration for the apartment. They breathe life into every room and can give it a completely new effect. Is it already green in your home or can you make good use of one or the other tip?

A house with a garden and lots of green all around? Unfortunately, not everyone can call that their own. But even the smallest apartment can be transformed into a green oasis of relaxation with a little imagination. Plants not only provide better air quality in the room, but are also excellent design elements. However, they do not always have to be in the corner. There are other ways to show off the green plants.

Little Plant, Little Plant On the Wall

Have you always wanted a garden, but unfortunately have not been able to fulfill this dream so far? Then a wall garden could bring you a little closer to your goal. Here, a variety of plants are placed above and next to each other on the wall. Whether you want to green the entire wall or the garden should only have the size of a picture, is entirely up to you. However, to prevent water damage and take into account the lighting conditions, it is recommended to have the installation done by a professional. Meanwhile, there are several suppliers for wall gardens.

Green in Boxes

Of course, you can also make your own green wall. For example, with flower boxes that you hang on the wall. Or screw wooden boxes to the wall at the bottom. This way you not only have a great new storage option, but also a stylish frame for more greenery in the room.

Green Room Divider

Would you like to give your room a new look? How about a room divider – in the form of plants? Of course, you can simply use a few large plants next to each other for this. But you can also turn a plain shelf, open at the back and front, into a green wall. Instead of books and boxes, just fill it with all kinds of plants. And enjoy the positive effect.

Hanging Gardens

You have little space to put plants? Never mind! Not everything has to be in the room to create an effect. It can just hang, too. Plants dangling from the ceiling add a unique flair to any room. Flower hanging baskets come in a wide variety of designs and for every need. You can, of course, put your plants in a birdcage. Or let them hang upside down from the ceiling with a special flower pot, such as the “Sky Planter” flower pot from boskke (seen at for 17 euros).