For Children and Adults: Fruit Tea is for Everyone

Tea time for children and adults? Fruit tea is the name of the fresh-smelling treat that everyone looks forward to. And rightly so, because this is where bright colors and full-bodied enjoyment meet. Celebrate with young and old – naturally caffeine-free. Its fruity-warm taste makes fruit tea for children from 3 years an indescribably sought-after drink.

Fruit Tea: Make Children Smile with Our Classics

Fruit teas can be enjoyed by children and parents alike, because we have the right tea for everyone. Each variety stimulates different taste buds and has many big and small fans. Pass on your fondest childhood memories to the next generation with tea, or discover a new fruit tea creation from TEEKANNE together with your children.

For birthdays and Christmas parties, as well as everyday happiness, you’ll find your relatives’ and friends’ favorite fruit tea in the TEEKANNE assortment. Compare your favorite fruit tea with your children’s and find new favorites.

Our fruit teas can be enjoyed warm and cold by children from 3 years and the young at heart, because our fruit teas simply taste good anytime and anywhere.

After a winter walk in the snow, they give you warmth and refresh you with the first rays of sunshine in spring. With TEEKANNE fruit tea, it’s simply tea time everywhere.

Create with Your Children New Drinks from Fruit Tea

Really delicious pleasure: The gift for your children, for you – from our fruit teas. Our great teas can do so much more. We know you love our varieties pure, but how about new taste experiences? Conjure up great tea cocktails from fruit tea and for the kids mocktails with just a few simple steps. Our TEEKANNE fruit teas are also really delicious with an extra portion of fruit. Berries, oranges or apples? What does your family like best? Be creative and find your new favorite flavor with our fruit tea varieties.

TEEKANNE will give you the taste.

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