Exquisite Relaxation

Our day is filled with all kinds of writing and messages, all of which want to be read. The billboard on the side of the road, the headline in the daily newspaper or the e-mail in the inbox. We read to find our way in life. But apart from the daily intake of information, there is another kind of reading – reading for reading’s sake. In doing so, we sink more and more into the plot of an exciting book and thus into ourselves, where deep states of relaxation await us.

An Encounter With Our Inner Life

A side effect of the advancing technologization of our lives is the simultaneous increase in noise levels. In order to be able to relieve the stress caused by this, our bodies and minds need daily periods of rest. When we read, we give them just that. We process the impressions of the day, and even above the first lines there is a revealing encounter with our inner life. We quickly notice when our concentration isn’t up to par and our mind keeps wandering off. Unlike watching TV, we can then simply put the book down and allow ourselves a few more moments to calm down before continuing with our reading.

The Optimal Reading Position

As readers, we learn about the needs of our own minds and how to deal with them. Our mind thanks us by gathering itself. In order to be able to immerse ourselves fully in the story as our concentration increases, it is advisable to adopt as comfortable a reading position as possible. Whether in a spacious bed, on a comfortable sofa or in a dingy wing chair – simply experiment with cushions of different sizes and thicknesses until you find the ideal reading position for you. Specially designed reading cushions relieve the strain on your hands when holding the book for added comfort.

The Tantalizing Scent of Books.

Reading is a comprehensive experience for our senses. While we excitedly leaf through our books, our fingers glide over the pages and we feel the texture of the paper. Book lovers also like to stick their noses in books. And that is by no means meant proverbially. A characteristic scent lurks between the pages of books, promising adventure and just waiting to unfold fully. Those who do not close themselves off to impressions of this kind are completely devoted to their reading pleasure and deeply rooted in the present moment. Exactly where deep relaxation can also be found …

Reading is Changing You

When we read, we leave our own consciousness and slip into that of another person. A person who may have lived in another age or belonged to another culture. We think like a knight, feel like a slave, act like a heroine, and regret our misdeeds like a villain. All of this changes us, and when we emerge from the stories, we are no longer the same. We are inspired, happy, enraptured, but also disappointed. Even if it may sound paradoxical, we are more with ourselves as a result than before. We have come to know ourselves a little better. For the time of reading we have forgotten our little problems and feel fresh and relaxed again. Well, inspired? Then start reading for your relaxation right now!

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