Crossfit – A Playground for Adults

If you’re a true all-rounder, you don’t shine in just one discipline. While amateur athletes usually specialize in either strength or endurance training, CrossFit athletes combine the best of both worlds. The specialty of CrossFit is not to specialize. As unusual as this method may seem at first glance, its positive effects on physical and mental well-being are undeniable. And the beauty of it is that it is also fun and enjoyable!

It Started in 2009...

… when CrossFit first appeared on the stage of fitness sports and also came to the attention of sports enthusiasts. About 2000 training facilities worldwide included the fitness training method in their offer. Coach Greg Glassman has spent decades honing the method. In CrossFit, the body is viewed and trained holistically. It’s not so much about focusing on individual muscles as it is about achieving holistic physical fitness.

Variation Instead of Montony

Where are all the machines? astonished CrossFit newbies might often wonder. A not unjustified question, given the obvious lack of fitness equipment. The answer from those who train is simple: “We are the machines!”. In CrossFit, exercises with one’s own body weight play a central role. The exercises are constantly varied, so there is no such thing as training monotony. There is running, rowing, climbing, dragging and rope jumping. Exercises with the own body weight play a central role.

Training At Your Own Pace

Overall, training is done with high intensity, many exercises are performed in a short time. However, this sounds far more dramatic than it actually is, because everyone determines their own pace here. The loads can be individually dosed. In general, a CrossFit training session lasts about an hour. The warm-up is followed by skill development in conjunction with strength exercises, before you really break a sweat in a ten- to twenty-minute high-intensity conditioning session. Finally, stretching loosens the muscles and keeps them flexible.

Give Me a High Five!

However, CrossFit not only refers to the training method, but also to the community of people who train. And this is as strong as the method itself. The team concept fuels motivation and improves the performance of each individual. People cheer each other on, applaud each other and give each other high fives when they reach their goals. Fun & Friends, that’s how the recipe for CrossFit success can be summed up. In the circle of friends and like-minded people you feel good and so even the most challenging exercises are mastered. One look at the happy and enthusiastic faces reveals that CrossFit really must be something like a playground for adults!

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