Green Tea Chocolate: An Insider Tipp for Chocolate Fans

Green tea refines your chocolate: In Japan, green tea chocolate is a great treat, but unfortunately the word hasn’t got around here yet. You can change that! Surprise your friends with green tea chocolate. The matcha and blueberry flavour gives the popular sweet an extraordinary taste.

Ingredients for 12 Small Chocolate Bars


  • Chocolate bar moulds or praline moulds


  • First, boil water to 100 °C and pour on a tea bag of TEEKANNE Green Tea Matcha-Blueberry. You need about a sip of this, which you drain and leave to cool. You can enjoy the rest directly.
  • Then chop the couverture into small pieces and melt it together with the butter and cream in a bain-marie. Make sure that the mixture does not boil.
  • Once everything has melted well, take the bowl out of the water bath and stir in the green tea.
  • Now carefully fill the mixture into the praline moulds and shake them well so that no air bubbles form.
  • Put the chocolate in the fridge for about four hours.
  • When the time is up, take the chocolate bars out again and release them from the moulds.

We wish you and your fellow green tea and chocolate fans bon appétit!

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