Roship & Hibiscus Flowers

Rosehip & Hibiscus Flowers

This traditional blend is a pleasant combination of sweet Rosehip and sour Hibiscus Flowers. The infusion has a gentle fragrance and a highly aromatic taste. Indulge yourself with this healthy thirst-quenching drink and enjoy the beauty of this brightly reddish brew.


20 tea bags at 3,5g


Rosehip, Hibiscus Flowers


Tea Bag 100°C 5 to 8 Min

  per 100 ml* per serving
Energy Value8kJ/2kcal16kJ/4 kcal
Total Fat<0,1g<0,1g
of which Saturated Fat<0,1g<0,1g
Total Carbohydrate0,3g0,6g
of which Sugars0,2g0,4g

Nutrition Information

servings per box: 20
serving size: 200 ml

*based on an infusion brewed with       200 ml water