Our Quality Promise (All from one source)

At Teekanne, the pleasure of tea is in the spotlight. Our own agronomists travel the world to make sure to select only the finest ingredients available which are then controlled in Germany in our own state-of-the-art laboratory. Our own product developers create the blends which are carefully filled into the tea bags in our production facilities all over the world.
TEEKANNE, we can guarantee QUALITY ALL FROM ONE SOURCE, from the field to the cup. This is quality you can taste.


Quality Inspection

Quality Inspection

Controlled quality

At Teekanne, 29 colleagues work in the Quality Assuarance and Product Development Department. The processes are certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and with the International Food Standard. External audits regularly certify the compliance with these standards.

Teekanne laboratory

At Teekanne, we have one of the world’s most modern laboratories specialized on tea. More than 20.000 analysises are being performed annually by the 12 colleagues working in the lab. To comply with our own quality standards, which are exceeding the already strict German legal requirements, our laboratory has the latest technology available to perform the necessary analyses.

Fourfold quality controls

Each raw material is subject to a minimum of four different quality inspections: before buying, after goods receiving, after blending and after the production. This way, we can decide wether a sample complies with our own Teekanne standards and can be used for our products.

Sensoric tests

Besides our analytic controls in the lab, all our raw materials are also subject to sensory controls. This means that appearance, smell and taste of each ingredient is being monitored. Our own tea tasters and their colleagues monitor the sensoric quality of the products throughout the whole production chain to ensure the high sensoric quality of our products before they are being sent out to the consumer.

Packaging quality

Even the packaging material we use is subject to strict quality controls. We only use fresh fibers avoiding the use of recycled materials to comply with our sensoric and analytic requirements. To ensure the high quality of the Teekanne products we directly manage the buying of the raw materials and the packaging materials ourselves.

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